Write & Wipe Activity - Pen Control

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Holding and using a pen effectively are key skills for children to learn and master as the first steps towards learning how to write. This kit is full of great pen control exercises and activities for your child to complete, starting with simple line drawing, and progressing to more complex shapes, trails, drawing and mazes as they grow in confidence. As the sheets wipe clean, and the kit comes with a special dry-wipe pen, all of the exercises can be completed, wiped away and repeated, time and time again.
Key Features:
WRITE AND WIPE ACTIVITY: Pen Control Write and wipe activity sheets allow kids to practice writing again and again. It contains double sided 8 sheets (Big Size) + 2 white board markers + Wipe cloth
LEARN THROUGH PLAY: High quality graphics pattern, Exquisite illustration & patterns, Clear Texture, Large Character Images
PERFECT LEARNING: Good for kids to learn correct stroke order that fosters good penmanship and writing habits
WRITE-WIPE-PRACTICE-REUSE: Using the included dry-erase marker, children will practice progressive activities from simple lines to shapes to drawings

Age Group: 3 - 5 Years