Ramayana and Mahabharata (Hindi) (Illustrated) (Set of 2 Books)- for children

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This set of 2 books contains illustrated tales of Ramayana and Mahabharata. The Ramayana, one of the greatest epics of ancient India, is the story of Lord Rama, the reincarnate of Lord Vishnu. Said to have been written by Maharishi Valmiki, the story follows the fourteen-year exile of Lord Ram, along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman. Famous Illustrated Tales of Ramayana presents the various events of the Ramayana in a lucid style, simplified for an easy read, and features vibrant illustrations, that children of all ages will love. The Mahabharata is the epic story of the fights and the fates of the two groups of cousins, the Pandavas, and the Kauravas, in the Kurukshetra War. Said to have been written by the sage Ved Vyas, the epic contains timeless teachings and morals. Famous Illustrated Tales of Mahabharata is a vivid retelling of these very stories, in a colorful and simplified format, that will appeal to every young reader!