Original Panchatantra (Illustrated)

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The Panchatantra stories are very old. Originally narrated in Sanskrit (Hindu) and Pali (Buddhist), they were written in their present form by Pandit Vishnu Sharma. Legend has it that King Amar Shakti asked Pandit Sharma to impart worldly wisdom to his three sons. Pandit Sharma agreed to do this within 6 months. He narrated stories with subtle messages to the princes that taught them various qualities for success and survival such as unity, friendship, firmness of mind, earnestness, etc. These stories of Panchatantra are divided into five parts. 'Pancha' means five and 'tantra' refers to codes of conduct. The five tantras are Separation of Friends, Gaining of Friends, Of Crows and Owls, Loss of Gains, and Rash Deeds. The Panchatantra illustrates the primary Hindu principles of niti - the wise conduct of life – through stories largely based on animal characters. Beautifully illustrated, 'Vishnu Sharma's Complete Illustrated Panchatantra' will be the ideal addition to a child's library.