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Every Child is an Artist:
The child is the first artist. Out of the material around them, they creates a world of their own.
When a child is supplied with paint, clay, paper, and scissors he or she will experiment and construct images and figures. The artistic impulse is strong in the early years of life, but sadly it is often attenuated as a child matures. To keep your children's artistic instinct alive, you needs to encourage them in various artistic activities and showcase the unique creations proudly in home, office or desk.
Little Art Gallery helps Kids to cultivate their passion for Art by building confidence in them when they get a chance to exhibit an impulse of their heart.
Key Features:
1 Set of DIY Art Stand Laser Cut Pieces
8 pre-loaded Sketch designs + 3 blank sheets
6 vibrant color pencils to color pre-loaded and/or self designed sketches