Know About Science 1 - (5 Titles)

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A series – “Know about Science” includes five books of 64 pages each. These books are a treasure for children of all ages. The books explain amazing facts, revolutionary inventions, discoveries and chemical science with a concise and easy-to-understand text accompanied by bright illustrations and amazing images. The set is a delight for the casual reader too who is keen to know a lot about science.

This pack contains:
1. Invention 2
2. Discoveries
3. Water
4. Machinery
5. Chemistry
A series – “Know About Science” includes books of 64 pages each that answers some pretty common children questions like “How does a pencil write?” or “What is Global Warming?” These books are much needed for young children who are curious to know about their universe and environment. The bright, colourful images and easy to grasp text make learning inspirational and fun for young readers.
The pack contains the following topics:
The Universe
How Does It Work
Invention – 1
Global Warming

Age Group: 8-10 years