Kid's 3rd Activity Age 5+ - Pack (5 Titles)

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This series is indeed a treasure house of fun filled moments. Every page of these books is full of entertaining assignments for children

1. The book on “Logic Reasoning” will enhance the IQ level of the child
2. The book on “English” will enhance the child in grasping and understanding about the
basic concept of the English language
3. The book on “Maths” will enhance the knowledge of the child and understand the
basic concepts.
4. The book on “General Awareness” will help in overall development of the child.
5. The book on “Environment” will help the child in knowing and understanding about
Mother Earth

Children will find these books interesting by involving themselves in solving mazes, adding colour to the drawings, matching the pairs etc., and will have fun.
An attempt has been made not only to entertain but also to simulate the child’s thinking, reasoning and creativity.

Age Group: 3-5 years