Explosive Science

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  • Let your 8+ child learn creatively science STEM Activity
  • 3 Engaging Activities to inspire, educate and explore the world of science for your children
  • S.T.E.M. values your child will learn through Nature of Substances, Acidity and Basicity, Neutralization Reactions, Heat Transfer, Volume & Density, Homogenous & Heterogenous mixtures
  • Educational Activity Kit includes: Acid & Base Reaction, Litmus Test, Self Inflating Balloon, Flame Extinguisher, Submarine Candle, Volcanoes, Boom Bag, Blast in Glass, Launch Your Rocket & etc
  • DIY Learnings are: Creativity, Imagination, Critical thinking, Observation skills, Logical Reasoning, Cognitive Development, Scientific Reasoning, Concentration & Focus, Sensory play

Age Group: 5-10 years