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This game come with all required components to build your own disc launcher, set of 5 aliens, space rocket as a target along with a booklet with easy to understand, step by step Picture, text and video instructions, Game Play instructions, Explore & Learn Newton’s Law of Gravity, Puzzles & Fun-Food Recipes for kids. The disc launcher is a mechanical device where you can store pile of discs and launch them one by one by pulling the trigger which is powered by elasticity of rubber band. The disc launcher triggers the lowest disc and remaining pile of discs moves down because of gravity. Its a great learning for kids where they can understand the first law of gravity by Newton - Inertia with fun game play.
Game Play 1: The set of Aliens & Space Rocket would be considered as target for disc launcher and the mission is to destroy them by shooting the discs from the distance. Game Play 2: Kids can draw and pain the rainbow on plain white paper, assign the points to each color and launch the discs on specific colour to gain maximum points Game Play 3: Arrange number of bowls with assigned points and target the highest pint bowl to win against your friends by landing discs into the bowls.
Children’s can design and play many more games with Disc Launcher, they can color it to personalise it.