3 in 1 Open Ended Free Play Toys - My Garden Friends

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Balance the little garden animals and plants on the giant rocking tree. These open-ended toys are all multifunctional and can be used as stackers, lacing toys, and for a lot of free play! Let your little thinkers explore, imagine, discover and grow! These nature-inspired, open-ended, non-toxic, no- battery and child-led wooden toys that celebrate children’s innate sense of creativity and wonder are perfect for toddlers for oodles of stimulating free play.

1. Ways to play—Let your child do free-play and see their imagination grow! Tracing and coloring on paper. Lace the toys and make a garland. Stack them up and try to balance on each other.

2. Skills- Imaginative Skills, Cognitive Skills, Hand-Eye Coordination, and Fine Motor Skills.

3. Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic, Safely Designed For Kids, Skill Development, Child-Led Play, Open-Ended Toys.