Premchand (Set of 10 Books) (Hindi) - Children

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Regarded as one of the celebrated writers of Indian literature, Munshi Premchand is also referred to as the ‘Upanyas Samrat’. Because of his humble background throughout, his works reverberate with echoes of human pathos and poignancy of life’s eccentricities. He was born in Lemhi on 31 July 1880.
His works precisely mirror different shades of society and the interim chaos that resounds in every individual’s life. Filled with fascinating illustrations and interesting stories, this book touches the dark corners of the reader’s psyche and fulfills our mission of bringing stories to every child.
This set of 10 books includes Atmaram evam Do Bhai, Bade Bhai Sahab evam Ramleela, Dhikkar evam Gulli Danda, Do Bailo ki Katha evam Poos ki Raat, Gupt Dhan evam Sachchai ka Uphar, Guru Mantra, Kshama evam Pariksha, Motor ke Chheente evam Shatranj ke Khiladi, Namak ka Daroga evam Kaushal, Panchparmeshwar evam Swatwa Raksha and Vidhwans evam Saubhagya ke Kode.